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The Tower Wing is comprised of 4 floors of 100 square meters each. On the ground floor you will be able to relax around a large fireplace dating back to the 17th century. You will also find a library area as well as a kitchen and a dining area. There is a separate entrance and a guest toilet. A lift will bring you to the rooms on the upper floors. On the second floor you will enter the Barnett room as well as the Pink room. On the third floor you will enter the Bazoches room, where you will able to sleep in Alexis de Tocqueville’s own bedframe and the Ming room. You will enjoy the view of the sea from this floor as we are 4 km away from the seaside. On the last floor you will be able to enjoy the beamed ceiling of the lovebird room as well as the family room with its home cinema. Every room features a reading area and has its private bathroom with either a bathtub or a shower or both. Every floor is reachable per lift. All floors are equipped with the internet and Wi-Fi on the ground floor.

Rent the Tower of the Château de Tocqueville

And for the younger and the wiser, the home cinema on the third floor  is easily reachable with the lift!